The Generation: NOW and THEN

In today’s generation, we are evolving quickly, and it is changing our perspectives. We are now continuing what the past generation has left for us. There are changes which are good, yet there are also changes which are suppressing development.


My uncle told me once that back then, they worked hard for what they need or want. For example, if he wanted to get the answers for his homework, he would have to travel all the way from Pasay City to the National Library of the Philippines, which is located at Ermita, Manila. They understood that each one has their own responsibilities. However, now, due to the drastic advancements in technology, the students today can just surf the internet, use the Microsoft Word, and their homework is done. A lot of work can be done faster today. Another, is that the opinions of the people before depended on the rules that their parents created when they used to be kids. If their parents told them that they shouldn’t talk back even if the child was actually correct, the child would also teach that to his family in the  future. The laws of the society was such a big thing. Now, the minds of people have been more broad. Some have now accepted that children have the right to speak and not just to listen to their parent’s rants and complaints. It is now easier to use our freedom of speech. There’s the social media for us if we want to post about our road trips, local or international trips, or even our personal rants. It is easy to post about how your crush intentionally made you fall for him or her, without actually planning to date you. You can express your notions or emotions towards someone without that person knowing that your posts are for them. Since there were no Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media sites before, the generation back then had to say their beliefs right through someone’s face. No screens and keyboards in between two persons, just air. They either had to keep their opinions to themselves or confront someone personally. Today, there aren’t much face-to-face dust-ups. Most quarrels are being dealt by using social media. People now use tweets and subtweets to handle issues, so it seems like there’s no longer a sense of honor in most of this generation’s society.

As the newly elected president of the Philippines has said in his State of the Nation Address last July 2016, “We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back.”. Change is, and will always be constant. We all have our own contributions to the advancement of things, and it has to be that way. Soon, the trends will change. It is like how the Pagan traditions of the Filipino faded away in time; before long, the things we love or hate today will vanish.






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