Close To Heaven— Sagada

It has been wonderful staying here in Sagada, which is located at the Mountain Province, Philippines. It is 275 kilometers or 171 miles north of Manila. It is also dubbed as the “Shangri-la of the Philippines”. Sagada is popular for its hanging coffins, and for its echo valley, which a lot of people surely are looking forward to visit at any time soon.

The trip from Manila to Sagada didn’t take short. Traveling by bus, it took 15 hours for us to arrive in front of the bus stop. As someone who has grown up in a dry humid city, it was unusual for me to stay at a place where the temperature can drop as low as 4° C on the rainy days to about 32°C on the dry season. According to my mother’s friend, on the months of June to November, the average temperature is 16°C at night, meanwhile, from the month of March to May, it can reach as high as 32°C on the day. At the moment, while here I am, sitting down and making this post, it is 18°C. The rusty, idyllic atmosphere and the cool climate of the place has honestly captivated me.


The famous Banaue Rice Terraces can also be seen on the way. The Banaue Rice Terraces are 2,000-year-old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao by the ancestors, and are commonly referred as to the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. There are a lot of tourists, both from the other cities and other provinces of the Philippines, and also from the foreign countries, who would be seen on the streets. The Mountain Province surely is a wonderful place. Some people call it as “close to heaven”, as the clouds are already touching the tips of the mountains. Fogs are also seen on quite a lot of parts of the province.


Since the place is full of mountains, trees, caves, and inns, you can do a lot in Sagada. Discover the wonders of the caves, take a tour on the Ganduyan Museum, climb the Mt. Ampacao, which is the highest peak in the province. And, of course, the Sagada experience won’t be complete without food! You will enjoy the place, as there are variations of food to select from. I am not from Sagada, so if there are more, I would update this post and add more of the things that this place can offer.

I may have been away from home for a few days, and yes, I sure have missed the tropical weather out there. However, if the time is perfect enough, I’d love to relocate here in Sagada. The people are hospitable, friendly, and polite. The fruits are way cheaper in this province than the urban cities.

If you are looking for a place to stay for a vacation, Sagada is the answer. Here, you can while away from the modern day society for a few days or even more in tranquility and solitude. There is more for you to see and discover. The scenery is picturesque, and it would be perfect to take photographs around.13871960_1760365147572573_2113506451_n

(This is me trying to get on the rock. Lol)


Are you planning to visit the beautiful province? That’s wonderful! I wish you a safe trip. Enjoy the adventure!



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